Innovative Technology For Sustainable Agriculture 

New Membranes Used for All Samples

  • Both university research (Sherrod and Belnap, 2003) and resin membrane manufacturing companies (Drew, New Zealand) indicate that resin membranes have limited lifetime, especially when used to analyze intricate environments such as soil samples
  • In addition to bacterial contamination, after first usage, all resin membranes will permanently hold various elements present in soil (Fe3+, Ca2+, Mg2+,Al+,etc) which clog resin membrane, preventing effective ion exchange, resulting in erroneous data 
  • Labs that reuse membranes will fail "blank tests", as their membranes will contain background nutrients, even after their "regeneration" (as indicated by 4 graphs to the right and bellow)

True Results

Accuracy & Consistency, Is Our Promise  

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​​While majority of resin testing labs “recharge” or "regenerate" their membranes and use them continuously for over 20 years (these membranes can be recognized as thin, wrinkled/cracked membranes, with holes), committed to always generating true results  ​TRUE BALANCE LLC permanently discards their membranes after single use! 

Equation is simple, TRUE BALANCE = TRUE RESULTS!


Better Membranes = Better Results

  • True Balance LLC provides consistently accurate results by continuously using new (superior quality) American membranes
  • We employ heavy duty gel polystyrene resin membranes cross linked with divinylbenzene, 3 times the thickness of competitors “see-through” resin membranes
  • True Balance membranes show extremely high thermal, chemical and Mullen Burst Test strength, while generating 4 times higher total exchange capacity when compared to competitors, resulting in higher soil nutrient attraction and holding aptitude
  • True Balance LLC membranes provide more accurate reading of bio-available nutrients in soil, compared to other products/services currently available